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Wire partitions are creative solutions for warehouse safety, security, and storage needs.  In any warehouse or distributing environment, it’s critical to prevent, and make sure valuable inventory is secure.  Many times within the shipping and receiving area, security is often overlooked.  Once the warehouse has been secured from the outside, company’s need to establish some internal safety mechanisms.  An often overlooked area of concern is employee theft.

Keeping your employees and your facility safe.

Wire Partitions offer an effective and versatile means of safeguarding everything from data centers to tool cribs because they provide strong, long-lasting protection and can be easily relocated to fulfill a growing facility’s needs

Many warehouse accidents happen to truck drivers, delivery people and other non-employees who enter your building.  These unauthorized people can unwillingly walk into fork truck traffic or machinery.  Driver Cages can be place near the entrance in a warehouse restricting access to your facility and preventing accidents.

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