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A Pallet Rack can be a single or multi-level shelving system that can support anything from a single item to a palletized load.  Pack rack systems allow for easy access to stored items while maximizing facility space.  These pallet systems are the key component to any distribution or storage facility.

Pallet Rack systems are comprised of vertical upright frames and load beams.  These components vary in size, depth and load requirements.  Our sales team can design any Racking System to maximize your facility space and be mindful of your budget.

Based on industries standards we can also provide inspection and repair services to any existing Pallet Racking system.  Repair kits are a great alternative to protect and secure existing Pallet Racking systems. Your repair will not only meet or exceed the original capacity of your rack system but can be made resistant to impact from PIT equipment.

SEE COMPANY is a distributor and installer of all leading brands of pallet rack, and will suggest certain suppliers, based on availability, pricing and lead time.  We shop for you, to get the best pricing and availability for your project.   Our sales team can work with you to layout a new design, and can walk you through options for different storage systems, from STANDARD SELECTIVE RACK, to PUSH BACK RACK, DRIVE IN, FLOW RACK and more.

DESIGN/SUPPLY/INSTALL/SERVICE:   We supply drawings including stamped engineered drawings for permitting in your state and township.

Our installation crews are pre-certified for safety programs by AVETTA and ISNET, and are available with UNION and NON UNION rates.

Call us today to discuss your next project.   Our trained sales representatives have a combined experience of 26 years in the industry, and we are proud to offer free site visits to learn about what your facility needs are, to offer solutions.  

How often should those inspections be performed?

At a minimum, inspections should be performed annually. A best practice rule of thumb, however, is that inspection frequency should correspond to the higher the velocity of inventory throughput, traffic or activity in the racking. 

Many rack collapses are caused by unsafe mixing and matching of incompatible components from different manufacturers.  If a rack column or beam is damaged, It might be replaced with any other upright or beam that appears similar in construction. This risky practice can lead to connecting incompatible members that can potentially fail, causing the rack system to collapse.

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Although pallet rack columns and beams from different manufacturers may appear similar, they are not. Different manufacturers use different production techniques, steel gauges, connectors, bracing, trusses and beam locking devices in designing their products.

A pallet rack column that is leaning or bowed beyond a certain point will have a significantly reduced capacity, making it unsafe and at risk of collapse.  The higher the ratio, the more likely a rack is to fail.

Warehouses are busy, dangerous centers of activity and accidents will happen. However, with proper planning, and properly maintained equipment, many of them can be avoided. It’s easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

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Our trained sales representatives have a combined experience of 26 years in the industry, and we are proud to offer free site visits to learn about what your facility needs are, to offer solutions.  

Call us today to discuss your next project.