Storage & Ergonomic Equipment Company design creative storage solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. We deliver a quality racking solution that optimizes the flow of materials throughout your facility and improves work flow, inventory control and accuracy while increasing your company’s profit.

We offer a full line of ergonomic material handling equipment and work stations. These products are cost effective when weights, repetitive movements or working postures may create injury for your employees. Ergonomic hazards can result in debilitating injuries, reduced productivity and need for rehabilitation.

Mezzanines increase warehouse capacity are less expensive than new construction, relocation or building expansion. Mezzanines allow you to double your usable work space without additional heating, ventilation or electrical costs. Accessories such as stairs, hand rails, vertical lifts, gates, and security cages can be incorporated.

Modular Office
As businesses grow and expand, so must your facility. Modular offices and in-plant buildings are an inexpensive and flexible way to accommodate growth. A modular system is designed for quick installation, creates less waste than traditional construction and are easily expanded, reconfigure and relocated.

Pallet Rack Repair
In most warehouses and distribution centers you will find a pallet rack with impact damage caused by warehouse vehicles. Most of the damage incurred is located at lower levels, leaving the majority of the upright structurally sound. Use a rack repair solution to eliminate the expense of rack replacement.

Safety Products

Our safety products are designed to protect the people, structures and products within your warehouse. Whether it being a visual caution sign placed on the floor, safety barriers, safety netting or a guard rail, anything to help protect the people and structures in your facility.

Wire Partitions
Wire partitions are creative solutions for warehouse safety, security and storage needs. In warehouse and distributing environments, securing valuable inventory is critical.Employee theft is often overlooked. Wire partitions offer an effective and versatile means of safeguarding everything from data centers to tool cribs.